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Stan Burns


Whether you are a first time buyer, or a seasoned veteran, the process is the same. Firstly, get your finances figured out. Most people need a mortgage and therefore need to go through the process of getting a mortgage pre-approval. I can recommend some fantastic mortgage brokers or perhaps you prefer working with your bank. Either is fine, but knowing your finances and your comfort limit is the first step. Next, we search for property and aim for 10-15 places to view. Now the fun begins… I set up the most efficient driving route and we have a fantastic day touring through homes. I’ll point out what to watch for, value, and cost over the long term. If we get lucky then the offer process begins. Just like a lawyer would prepare for a court case, I arm myself with all the tools necessary for a successful negotiation for you. When the offer is accepted I work with you to investigate uncertainties and concerns. Only when you are 100% satisfied and excited to call this place home will you put down your deposit and commit.

My philosophy, for over a decade, is to prevent buyers from making costly mistakes, in any market. Fortunately, I have a Master’s Degree in Engineering which sometimes comes in handy. I’m not looking for a quick sale, but rather repeat clients for life. To do this there’s no shortcut - honesty, skill, and hard work are the backbone of my business. Shall we get started…?

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