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Stan Burns


Just like baking a cake, there’s a recipe for selling property. Some require substantial renovations, some require a splash of paint and new flooring, where others require nothing at all. I’m happy to advise you and walk you thought the pre-listing process with recommendations and feedback as we go. It’s not rocket science, but doing things correctly and not over renovating are critical. It’s all about a buyers experience when touring a home. What repairs need to be done? What rooms need to be staged (or not)? How clean should the home be for showings? Are there tenants involved? There are too many questions to list here, but there’s a process that ensures the highest and best sale price. Sometimes it’s listing at a very competitive price and delaying offers, and other times it’s a substantial clean up and a showing blitz while tenants are away. Whatever your selling situation, I have a recipe for it and I’d be happy to meet and share my knowledge. My goal is for you to look back in time and say: “Wow! I’m so happy and I feel I couldn’t have possibly done any better.” Shall we begin…?

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